T1. Try to see your community flat more than once…

When I moved to the community from Yvonne House I was able to view the community flat twice. The second time gave me the opportunity to envisage what I wanted to put in the space, it is useful to make sure you purchase the appropriate things and don’t buy things which don’t fit in your flat. It is a good idea to look through the starter pack which Young Futures provides so that you don’t buy stuff that is already provided.

T2. Get to know the area….

Get to know your local area when you first move in. You will need to know where the local food shops are, your GP, where the different transport links are. Before you move out of Yvonne House you could have a day out with your Yvonne House keyworker where you get to explore the area you will be moving in to.

T3. Take care of your wellbeing…

It is very good to have days where you practice self-care. Moving from Yvonne House can be a big change and a big step to independence. For the majority of the time in the Community you don’t have people around you to pick up on changes in your mood or big factors in your life. Moving into the Community is a big change because at Yvonne House you have people around all the time who you can engage with, or who are just there. Make sure you reach out and don’t be shy to use your keyworkers and other members of staff in the Community who are there to help you when you need support.
Dictated by Tia HM