So first things first.... What is stress? 

  • Stress is your body's reaction to situations which challenge you. It's your body's way of getting you prepared to deal with a difficult, or sometimes even scary, situation.
  • It's normal to feel stressed at certain times, life throws challenges at us, and some of these challenges may feel stressful.
  • However if we feel that we can't stop worrying about something, if we feel overwhelmed all the time then we may be experiencing a stress overload which can negatively impact our physical and mental health.

How do we know if we are becoming stressed?

So, what can we actually do if we become overly stressed?

For Stress Awareness Month many people took part in the 30 day challenge. Below are 30 different small things you can do to reduce your stress on a day to day basis. See if you can give some a go and find out what works for you!

When we feel very worried, overloaded and overwhelmed, we can feel stressed and anxious. In this instance it can be useful to talk to a professional; remember that your Young Futures Keyworkers and Therapists are always here to support you. Let your Keyworker know if you are not having therapy but feel like you would benefit from a confidential space to talk to someone about some of your worries.

Finally, get in touch with your happy hormones!

We'll leave you here with some practical tips on how to stimulate the different chemicals and hormones which can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health :) Enjoy.