Managing your own tenancy can feel challenging enough without also having to contend with maintenance issues when they come up.

Things like a toilet becoming blocked, all your kitchen spotlights going out at the same time, or a tripped fuse leaving you without a working kettle, can feel confusing and even overwhelming. But fear not, all of these issues are quite easy to resolve by yourself, as long as you know how to do so safely.

Saifudiyn has created some videos to guide us through how to fix each of these things.

Fuse Board

For starters it's handy to know where your fuse board is located, if a single light or appliance in your flat loses power it might be due to a tripped fuse.

Here Saifudiyn shows us how to check a fuse board.

Hints and Tips

If one of your fuses keeps tripping you may have a faulty appliance which is creating a short circuit.


Lots of flats have inset spotlights in kitchens and bathrooms, it can be difficult to see how to unscrew an old bulb and replace a new one.

Here Saifudiyn shows us how to change an inset spotlight.

Hints and Tips

Make sure your electricity is switched off at the light-fitting or fuse board

Check the wattage of the replacement bulb to make sure that you have the right brightness to match the rest of the bulbs in your ceiling

Blocked Toilets

We know it's gross but sometimes a toilet gets blocked, lucky for us all Saif has shown us a lovely mess free way to resolve this issue, and you don't even need a plunger!

Here Saifudiyn demonstrates how to unblock your toilet.

Hints and Tips

Take your time to turn the bin liner inside out when you're done, holding it over the toilet as you do this will avoid any unwanted drips on your bathroom floor

We hope you found these useful, please let us know what other things you’d like to learn how to do, and we'll get Saif filming again!