So, with 2020 turning out in a way that nobody could have predicted, you might be thinking of grabbing hold of 2021 and doing something different. You don’t have to buy into ‘A New Year, A New Me’ to shake things up a bit...Trying something new might mean being more in tune with your mental health, being a bit more physically active or getting your brain ticking over and learning something new. We’ve put together a mix of FREE things to try in 2021, they’re all COVID safe and all of them are good for your mind, body or soul!

  • Podcasts

Giovanna Fletcher was a contestant on this year’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Her podcast focusses on all things parenthood, both the ups and the downs!

Full of great tips, humour and warmth.

Vic and Jas chat about mental health, pop culture and loads of other relevant stuff…

Carolyn takes a warm, inspirational and encouraging walk through various mental health and trauma recovery topics.

Having trouble nodding off? Sleep With Me will tell you a bedtime story….zzzzzzzz!

  • Courses/Trainings/Apprenticeships

Whether you’re ready to start in the world of ‘work’ with a traineeship or apprenticeship, or you just want to dip your toe into learning something new and having a completed a course on your CV, below are some great options for putting yourself there.

Such a great App, that has offers for Care Leavers all in one place.

The Future Learn website has 100’s of free courses, some are for a few weeks, others more in depth. Click here to explore.

  • Get Moving

These Apps come recommended, for those of you that want to stay in the warm or pound the pavements...

A really easy introduction to running. Starts with one minute bursts, and who says you need to advance to Week 2 if you’re happy doing Week 1?!

If you prefer your exercise to be a little more gentle and something you don’t need to get dressed for, then Yoga Time: For Beginners & All, might be a good place to start!

  • Mental Health

Calm Harm is an App that provides distraction options to help you ‘ride the wave’ rather than self-harm. You get to choose the activity type and duration, they provide some suggestions.

The Smiling Mind App offers a great introduction to Mindfulness, digital detox and checking in with yourself.

Let us know how you get on with any of these suggestions! We would love to know what works, what feels relevant to you and what suggestions you would like more of.