Each Tuesday at Yvonne House, Therapist Delice sends out a reminder to take care of yourself, called ‘Take Care Tuesday’. Here we feature a Take Care Tuesday prompt to reflect on the impact of different relationships on our emotional wellbeing.

Sometimes we can feel lonely in certain relationships, this may be because this relationship or person is not meeting our needs or giving us the care and support we deserve.

Look out for these 10 Green Flags to know that someone can have a positive impact on your life and wellbeing.

  • Their presence is calming

  • They listen without judgement

  • They respect your boundaries

  • They support your personal growth

  • They are self-reflective of their own behaviour

  • They can admit when wrong and can apologise

  • Their actions match their words

  • They celebrate your achievements WITH you

  • They can communicate thoughts and feelings

  • They encourage other healthy relationships in your life