Affirmations are statements that you declare to be positive and true. These statements are powerful, positive, and present tense, and they work by helping to alter our mindset through practice to create a better habit, experience, or life for ourselves.

An affirmation can draw on your strengths to remind you what you are good at, what you have achieved or overcome.

Choose an affirmation which suits you, or think of your own, note it down somewhere safe and make sure you regularly remind yourself that this is true!

I believe in myself

I have a purpose

I choose to be positive

I am allowed to say “NO”

I am filled with overflowing gratitude

I trust my judgement

I am strong

I am fearless

I am calm and mindful

There are no blocks I cannot overcome

I am ready to succeed

I deserve love and care

I am solution driven and not afraid of obstacles

I am grateful for my journey and its lessons

I accept compliments easily because I deserve them

I am creative and open to new solutions

I am in awe of what my body is capable of

I can do this

I was not made to give up

I can do anything I put my mind to

I am worthy