1. Make a to do list!

A list can help organise your mind, and also gives you a real sense of achievement as you tick things off. Keep the list on your phone notes, so it is easy to access, add things to and change.

2. Prepare for the viewing!

Think beforehand about the questions you might have, and don’t be afraid to ask them! Be as thorough as you can – this is going to be your home and nobody else’s.

3. Start packing early!

It is easy to underestimate how long packing takes. Start early and avoid a mad rush at the end! Unpacking is also simpler if your belongings have been packed in an orderly way.

4. Create a budget!

Make sure you budget for the most important items first. If you manage your money well there may be some leftover for extra luxuries! Try to get a balance between good value and good quality items. This is your forever home now, so you want things that are going to last!

5. Change your address!

You don’t want your mail going to anyone else but you. Make a list of all the important people and services that have your address, and let them know you are moving. This may also involve transferring to different services in your new area e.g. GP, dentist, housing benefit etc.

6. Use the support around you!

Moving home can be stressful, so make the most of the help you can get. Your keyworkers are there to help you, so use them as much as you can. You deserve it!

7. Be creative!

Your flat may not look exactly as you imagined at the first viewing, but don’t worry! With a bit of vision and creativity, you can see beyond the blank canvas to the beautiful flat it will become.

8. Explore your community!

Get to know your new area. Say hello to your neighbours, find out what stuff is going on locally, and connect with the people and places around you. It can help you settle and feel a sense of belonging.

9. Look after yourself!

Moving home is a busy time, but don’t forget to look after yourself. Find time for self-kindness every day to keep yourself feeling good. One idea could be starting the day with some positive affirmations.

10. Enjoy it!

Although it can be stressful, this is also such an exciting time! You have worked so hard to get here, so make the most of it and have fun 😊

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