After my baby was born I noticed that one of the first things she would focus on was a big black and white poster of the Eiffel Tower on my wall. I soon learnt that this is because babies see in mainly black and white for the first few months of their life, and so black and white images really catch their attention.

Research suggests that strong black and white pictures and patterns can help your baby by…

  • Supporting their brain development and helping them identify shapes
  • Developing their vision by stimulating the optic nerve
  • Helping them concentrate and build their attention span
  • Improving their memory

Because of these benefits, I decided to create some black and white pictures for my baby to enjoy looking at. And you can do it too!

All you need is some sheets of black and white paper/card, scissors and a glue stick. Obviously remember to keep these safe away from tiny baby hands :)

Then cut and stick any patterns that you think your baby will like! Here are some pictures of what I created:

If you don’t feel like making your own, you can also easily download images or buy some ready-made ones online. 

I hope you and your babies enjoy!