Eco-friendly living should be an easy and creative lifestyle that we can all adapt to if we try. Trial one of our tips today and see if you can turn your lifestyle into an eco-friendly one! Now more than ever it is time to take care of the world we live in. Not only will it do you wonders, but it will also help look after our home, planet Earth. Below is my ultimate guide to a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle. Take a look 😊

  1. SAVE WATER – Running water is a precious resource we are lucky to have! You can help save it by turning the tap off while you brush your teeth, taking shorter showers or making sure your washing machine is fully loaded before you turn it on.
  2. SAVE ENERGY – Not only does saving energy help reduce air pollution and global warming, it also saves you money on bills! You can help save energy by turning off your TV and other appliances at the wall, choosing energy efficient lightbulbs, and turning your heating down if you don’t need it. You could also wait until your phone fully runs out before recharging – this will save energy and also keep your phone battery healthy.
  3. RECYCLE – Recycling helps reduce environmental damage in lots of ways. It stops trash being thrown into landfill, and also helps save trees. Find out what your local recycling scheme is and ask your keyworker to get you a recycling bin so you can get started in tackling climate change.
  4. USE A BIKE – Riding a bike is quick, cheap and healthy. It is also an easy way to help reduce the level of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Summer is coming – get on yer bike!
  5. LESS PLASTIC – Plastic lasts forever, and is doing so much damage to our world. Our oceans are filling up with plastic bags, plastic bottles and other plastic waste, and this is then being ingested by marine animals like whales, turtles and seabirds. You can help reduce this problem by buying a reusable water bottle, coffee cup and cutlery. Also try to choose items with less plastic packaging in the shops e.g. loose fruit and vegetables.
  6. GO PAPERLESS – Save paper and save trees! We need trees to survive, they are an important habitat for wildlife and they also help us breathe! Choose online banking, read on a tablet or kindle, and opt out of junk mail. Going paperless saves energy and it also saves the postman!
  7. WASTE LESS – Waste is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Waste less food by buying what you need, or separating food out into portions that you can freeze. You could also try cutting cotton pads or face wipes in half – half your waste and double your stash!
  8. FREE STUFF – Who doesn’t love free stuff? It helps the budget and it can also save the world by reducing waste and reusing what we already have. Websites such as have a huge range of free items available near you.
  9. DONATE CLOTHES – ecluttering your wardrobe? Rather than chucking your old clothes in the bin, take them to a local charity shop and let others benefit from your style! If you have a rummage while you’re there you may also just find a timeless vintage piece that never goes out of fashion.
  10. AND ONE FOR THE GIRLS – The average woman will use 11,000 disposable sanitary products over her lifetime. Not only is that a lot of pennies spent, it is also a lot of waste. Switch to a Mooncup and you’ll never look back! It is gentle, reliable and money-saving. Most importantly, it helps save our planet 😊