Being kind to ourselves may sound simple, but it can be one of the hardest things for a person to do. We can often get swept up in the pressures of our daily lives and end up neglecting ourselves without even realising. The definition of neglect is ‘to fail to care for properly’ and ‘to not pay proper attention to’. As sad as it sounds, self-neglect is something we can all fall into at times, myself included. Earlier this month, I completed a self-kindness challenge, as I realised enough was enough. I made the time to take care and be kind to myself, and I think you should to. Here is how…

Step One – Be Inspired

Think about someone you really care about, such as a best friend or close relative. Imagine some of the things you would do to be kind to them. Now, it is time to use those ideas for yourself!


Step Two – Schedule It In

Choose seven self-kindness ideas and write them down in a timetable for the week, allocating one activity per day.See the bottom of this article for some inspiration if needed! Seven days may feel like a long time, but it is important to give this time to yourself. Don’t limit the things you do for you. Put yourself first for once!


Step Three – Prepare Yourself

Now it is time to start preparing the things you need for your self-kindness challenge. This will depend on the activities you choose to do. Having things ready in advance will help make sure there is nothing stopping you, ensuring your self-kindness week is as exciting,positive and nurturing as it possibly can be. Finding time to be kind to ourselves can be hard, but when there is a plan, there is a way!


Step Four – Find A Buddy

This is not something you have to do,but I personally enjoyed having a self-kindness buddy during the challenge. This person was following the same seven-day plan as me, and each day we checked into see how the other was doing with their self-kindness. My buddy and I motivated each other and made it fun!


Step Five – Get Started

Now it is time to get started withyour seven-day self-kindness challenge! However, an important thing to remember is - don’t let this overwhelm you. If you miss a day, that is OK. Just take a deep breath and carry on. You’ve got this!


I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did. Everyone’s experience will look different, and that is important. Make your self-kindness challenge a reflection of you. It needs to be what you want, not anybody else. At the end of the day, this is for you. Being kind to yourself is your empowerment.


Self-Kindness  Inspiration

Some  ideas to spark your imagination!

  • Say 5 positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror
  • Do some hand care. Maybe try reflexology, use a nice moisturiser, or paint your nails!
  • Watch an uplifting or motivational video. Here is one I like:

 For more tips and inspiration, check out this link…

By Uwana