Moving into your own tenancy can be challenging. It comes with the plus side of being independent while learning how to be an adult - finding out you have to financially support yourself while looking after your wellbeing too.

The way I grew to be comfortable within my own tenancy was to:

  • Always make sure you have an income and don’t rely on benefits to pay your bills. Always make sure month by month your bills and food are covered because these are now the essential/most-important things to your life.
  • Try to save for rainy days, you never know what could cost you a chunk of your money and sometimes bills increase.
  • Remember you’re not the same as every young person out there, you hold a big responsibility for yourself and sometimes it might feel lonely and sometimes you might feel like you don’t get to live like a normal young person but what you will grow to understand is... you have to work a little harder than everyone else to be comfortable! And that’s okay because it’s better to do it while you’re young than fall into it later and be completely stuck. The best advice I gave myself while moving into my tenancy is that this is my home and no matter how hard I have to work, I will make sure that I will always have a place over my head because I deserve this, I’ve grown to get this and it will lead me into adulthood with my head held high.