As a society we are becoming more aware of the reality of the risks related to technology and the online world. Here we share some information about how to stay safe online. Please be aware that this article contains brief mention of sexual violence.

Gurls Out Loud

Gurls Out Loud is a campaign by the Internet Watch Foundation and has some fantastic information about what to look out for online, they recognise the sad reality that every day girls are contacted by adults who try to manipulate, groom or sexually exploit them. They advocate for blocking out online sexual abuse through Blocking, Reporting and Telling Someone You Trust. Their website has a great video and some great resources to empower you to know what to do if someone inappropriate slides into your DM's or contacts you online.

Check the campaign and great video out here:

Reporting Harmful Content

Harmful content can be anything that is explicit, inappropriate or dangerous e.g. Online Abuse, Bullying or Harassment, Threats, Impersonation, Unwanted Sexual Advances, Violent Content, Self-Harm or Suicide Content or Pornographic Content. One way to report harmful content you may encounter whilst scrolling online is via the Report Harmful Content Website who also provide advice and support.

Find the website here:

Samaritans Online Safety Resources

The Samaritans have some great guidance on staying safe online which is co-designed by young people with lived experience of self-harm and suicidal feelings and who have experience of supporting others at risk.

You can find more information and resources here:

Report Remove

Childline have created an efficient way to remove a nude image shared online. This person-centred approach to image removal can be done entirely online. A young person does not need to tell anyone who they are as their ID is not linked to their report, they can make the report at any time, and further information and support is always available from the Childline website.

Watch a video about it here:

And find more information here:

Most importantly if you ever come across something online which feels unsafe or which you are unsure about, trust your instinct and speak to someone you trust like your keyworker, therapist or our on-call service.