Here we share a super informative infographic created by the Parent and Infant Foundation’s 1001 Days Campaign which is all about Infant Mental Health.

It focuses on setting us up to live happy and healthy lives from the year dot!

Check out the NSPCC’s website too where they share ‘Brain Building Tips’.
They say that: “Right from birth, every time you talk, sing or play with your baby, you're not just bonding, you're building their brain.”

They offer super easy suggestions for how to play and interact with your baby, they explain the science behind how play helps your baby's brain to develop in easy to understand ways!

Click HERE to sign up for tips!

We had a little think about something that is free and accessible to promote the wellbeing of both you and your little one….. and came up with feeding the ducks!

Going to the local park with your baby or toddler is free, great for the well-being of you both and the fresh air will definitely help your little one to sleep soundly. Even tiny babies like to watch the trees blowing and it’ll help you feel refreshed too. Why not take some bread slices and feed the ducks and birds?

Here are some local parks that have a pond for duck feeding:

Burgess Park, Greenwich Park, Beckenham Place Park, Brookmill Park, Myatts Fields Park.