Earlier this year, in order to protect us all against Coronavirus, the UK went into a lockdown and our lives changed massively. This will be a time in our lives which won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Ex-Young Futures Young Person Jade Barnett was featured in a BBC Documentary in which she shares her experience of living and working in lockdown.

Jade shares:

“Lockdown began in March 2020. I got offered the amazing opportunity to vlog my first 6 months of lockdown with BBC. I worked everyday non-stop, working two night shift jobs, I hardly saw my family, my 20th birthday came up & I received news that I would be starting a new job in August. My 6 months was a roller coaster but I made it work like I always do. I would really appreciate it if you check out BBC’s amazing documentary : it was a great experience and you’ll love every minute of it, not only does it show my story but it shows the stories of 3 others. We are all in this together!”

Click here to watch the 30 minute Documentary on BBC iPlayer