Here are my reviews of two SCA activities I have enjoyed with my keyworker.

Kayaking on Cuckmere

I had a wonderful experience going kayaking with my keyworker. This is something I had not tried before, so it was a totally new activity for me. It was very interesting and so much fun. I love being on small boats, and we kayaked around the river for two hours. The place was very nice and we were lucky that the weather was beautiful. I want to go back one day and take my friends as I know they will like it too. I enjoyed learning to use the paddle and balancing in the boat. My keyworker and I had a race which was funny. We later moored the kayak and had a nice lunch on the riverbank.

Horse-Riding in Bexley

I love horse riding. This was not my first experience of doing it, because my family used to have horses in Kurdistan. However, the area we visited was new for me, and I really loved it. It was very fun. We went in the local woods, which felt like a jungle. We enjoyed the fresh air and it was great to be around the horses. They are very intelligent animals. We started with a 45-minute practice, riding the horses in the indoor riding school, and then we were allowed out in the woods. We were lucky as it was wonderful sunshine that day. We took the horses across a local golf course and took some pictures. I also took lots of pictures and videos throughout. I loved it!

I really enjoy trying new activities which I haven’t done before. It is fun to learn new things, go to different places and challenge myself. My future SCA plans include fishing, climbing, kickboxing and zip-lining. I encourage all young people to try some new activities as you will have a lot of fun!

By Anonymous

Speak to your keyworker about the different SCA activities available to you, and then maybe write a review! We'd love to hear what you have tried out and what your experience was like!