MR tells us about his exciting trip to Wembley Stadium:

I am a big football fan and I had never visited a stadium before so decided to go to Wembley Stadium tour as an Sports, Culture and Art (SCA) activity with my keyworker. It was the first time I had seen a stadium that big so it was really exciting! It was easy to get to Wembley Park on the tube and you can see the stadium from the train, when you come out of the station it is right in front of you.

The tour starts with an exhibit of the history of the stadium with lots of old photographs and memorabilia from when England won the world cup in 1966.

It was interesting to learn about the history and all the iconic events that have taken place there. We were then met by a tour guide and shown all the exclusive areas. We sat in the press conference room where famous sports stars and musicians are interviewed for TV, then we went into the football dressing rooms where players go before and after a match – it was set out with all the England squad’s football shirts.

My favourite part of the tour was walking out onto the pitch and sitting in the managers seat. I really enjoyed my day and would recommend it, even if you are not a football fan!